Proton Preve Car Rental Alor Setar


  4 doors 5 seats
  Transmission: automatic

Car Rates

Transmission Type: Auto
Daily: RM220
Weekly: RM1300
Monthly: RM2800

Why Proton Preve Car?

Yet another sedan car from Proton, the design itself is enough charm for those who love an elegant car on the road. It is a very suitable car for those who are up for any business trip or vacation. Preve is definitely built for those who love speed and vibrant design.

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This is something that we take pride in. Every car that we own will go under maintenance regularly so that it will ensure your safety on the road. You will also be able to continue your journey comfortably with our new Proton Preve.

  • Free Pick – up

No worries! Want your own Proton Preve car rental in Alor Setar? We can find you. We will deliver the car for free and you just have to tell us the location. Be free to WhatsApp us the meet – up location and your car will be there as soon as possible with our skilled drivers.

  • Chauffeur service

If you are unfamiliar with the road and the town, why don’t you use our chauffeur service as well? Our drivers are professional and well – trained to help you go for an adventure in Alor Setar, with no hassle! Get your Proton Preve car rental in Alor Setar and let our chauffeurs help you in getting to know Alor Setar’s roads.

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