Are you planning on going to Alor Setar as your holiday destination or coming to this city for a business trip? Alor Setar is the capital city of Kedah Darul Aman, a state in the northern part in Malaysia. You will be able to view and experience a lot of interesting things here as this city is culturally varied and there are many attractive places that you can visit. As you travel along Alor Setar, you will be able to see many things that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

There are a lot of ways for you to get access to this city. You can use the public transportation such as trains and buses as all of the stations are located in the middle of the city. You can also use your own cars or motorbike to get here. However, the best way to land in this city is by using aeroplane. You will arrive in this city in 45 minutes if you are travelling from KLIA or KLIA 2. Plus, you will be landing in Sultan Abdul Halim Airport, which only took 15 minutes from the city centre.

Tips On How To Get a Rental Car From Alor Setar Airport

Once you touch down in this city, the first thing you would have to do is get a car to explore this city. This is because Alor Setar is a small city but the road could be quite confusing sometimes! So, it is better for you to drive your own car or use any chauffeur services offered in this town. As sometimes, it is quite hard for you to rely on public transports alone. Therefore, the best option here is to rent a car from any trusted companies so that you could explore this city like a local.

  • Find A Trusted Company To Rent a Car

Once you landed in the Alor Setar airport, you will find a lot of car rental companies waiting to serve you. One advice that you could take would be not to rush things and take whatever is in front of your eyes. Make sure you take your time or at least google a few things about the company before renting a car. You can also look and ask for any information through the staffs so that you are aware of the car’s condition and the charges applied. If you would like to find a trusted company to rent a car, then you should go here.

  • Compare The Prices

Since there are a lot of car rental companies out there, this would be a good news to the customers like us. They would offer cheap prices and a lot of discounts to attract the customers. However, you should be aware of the cars offered as well because cheap prices could mean low quality as well. However, this company is willing to offer you a new and well – maintained cars at a very interesting price.

  • Be Extra Cautious For Hidden Charges

Sometimes, there will be a few companies who would charge you for extra fees on the mileage and the duration of the car usage. So, it would be great if you take extra precaution and check the company if they are giving you extra charges. You can also ask them so that you won’t have to pay any extra for the car rental. If you don’t want to pay for any extra or hidden charges, it would be wise if you rent from this place. No more wasting money for the charges that you don’t expect.

  • Bring Necessary Documents

Renting a car is not a breeze if you forget to bring the documents needed to rent a car. The documents such as your identity card and your licence are the most significant documents needed so make sure you bring one while you are travelling. Some other documents that car rental companies might ask you would be your utilities bill. If you want an easy procedure without having to bring a lot of documents together, then you should rent from Ridho Travel.

  • Find The Reviews Online

One of the most important things for you to check is the importance of looking at the reviews so that you won’t regret getting the car after you rent it. The customers’ reviews are important because they are telling the truth and it shows whether the company is what they claimed to be or not. You can always look up at the name of the company online and look at the reviews of the customers on their social media. So, you can decide whether it is the best car rental company for you to drive in Alor Setar.

  • Unlimited Mileage And Rental Duration

Believe it or not, some car rental companies limit their mileage to a certain stones so that they won’t lose any profits and this is a wrong thing to do as it is supposed to be your right to drive for however long you want it to be. There are also some car rental companies who would limit the car rental duration to a certain time. So, it is best that you ask on the company whether they provide unlimited mileage and duration before you rent from them.  

  • Booking And Payment Method

Talking about the tips to get a rental car in Alor Setar, you should be able to rent a car easily and smoothly. This is because, it is your right as a customer to book a rental car hassle – free without any complicated procedure or booking method. You should be able to pay easily through the various payment methods, cash, debit or credit cards or even e – wallet. Through this company, your booking and payment will be made easier. You can do everything online.

Interesting Things To Do In Alor Setar

There are also a lot of interesting things that you could do in Alor Setar although it can be considered as a small town. Once you rent the car, you get to explore all of the things here in this city. So these are some of the recommendations for all of the places that you should visit whenever you are in Alor Setar.

  • Balai Besar

Balai Besar or could also be known as The Royal Hall is one of the places that you should visit if you are into historical stuffs. The building is located just across the infamous Masjid Zahir and you could also see the unique decorations of the building. It was used to hold state events such as royal weddings and coronations. However, it is no longer used for such events now. But you can still view all of the distinct rows of patterns and designs decorating the roof of Balai Besar.

  • Masjid Zahir

Located in the heart of Alor Setar, Masjid Zahir is a worship place for all of the Muslims and it is dubbed as one of the oldest mosques in Malaysia. You should be able to park your cars just the opposite of the mosque and you can take pictures and perform your prayers inside this mosque. A lot of tourists and locals will gather at sunset as it serves the best view. It is where the sun will set just behind this mosque and you will be able to enjoy the scenic pictures from your visit here.

  • Rumah Kelahiran Dr. Mahathir

If you noticed, our fourth and seventh Prime Minister is born in Alor Setar. He is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, a person who has left such a deep impact for many Malaysians for his wise attitude and his great job in developing this country. You can visit his archive which is located in Jalan Pegawai and it tells all about his life before he becomes our Prime Minister. There are also original books and stuffs he used during his years as a doctor.

  • Gunung Keriang

Gunung Keriang or it could also be known as Elephant Mountain is a limestone cave that houses a lot of ecological wonders. This cave is famous for its crystal formation and you can find a lot of people selling the crystals outside of the cave. The best part of this mountain is all of the crystals sold there are super cheap and you wouldn’t find it anywhere else! Make sure to look out for the monkeys as they could be vicious if you have food in your hand.

  • Alor Setar Tower

You don’t have to ride a plane to see the picturesque view of Alor Setar. For only RM9, you would get to experience and see the view of the whole city by going up the Alor Setar Tower. The binoculars are provided for you so you can zoom in on the view and see what you like. Other than that, you can also dine in with the rotating restaurant that would rotate as you eat! So, you would be able to take in the view while dining in some exclusive dishes that are prepared by the restaurant!

And that is all! We hope you enjoy your trip in Alor Setar tremendously with your desired rental car and the places you are going to visit.

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