If you are looking for an adventure in a small town, Alor Setar would be the city that you could ask for. It is located in the northern area of Malaysia and it is the capital city of Kedah Darul Aman. Alor Setar is a place where you can enjoy the calmness of the outskirt of town or the helter – skelter of an urban city. So, you could get both things if those are what you asked for. Plus, it is not an overcrowded or even a heavily populated city so it would be a perfect choice if you bring your family along for a vacation.

Travelling using aeroplane is the most convenient way to access this town. All you need to do is book a ticket and board the plane which will land in Sultan Abdul Halim Airport or it could also be known as Alor Setar Airport. It is located in Kepala Batas, which only took 15 minutes to the city centre by car. So, you should try and board on a plane to reach here quickly. However, it is advised for you to get a car for you to get around here. In the airport, there will be a lot of car rental services that you can survey and use.

Types Of Car Rental in Alor Setar Airport

If you would like to feel comfortable while riding a new car after you landed in Alor Setar Airport, you should rent the cars from this company. There are a lot of cars for you to choose that suit your need while you are in Alor Setar. These are the list of the cars provided by Ridho Travel.

  • Compact Car

Feeling like enjoying your vacation as a solo traveller or bringing your small family along? Why not use compact cars as your choice while getting along from one place to other places? Compact cars are fuel – efficient and yet can hold up to five passengers. These are the compact cars offered by Ridho Travel;

  • Perodua Myvi

  • Perodua Axia

  • Proton Iriz

  • Perodua Viva


  • Sedan Car

Sedan cars are for the people who want to be comfortable with their journey even though they are bringing small amount of people for their trip. Sedan cars are famous for their spacious interior and large boot. If you intend to bring a lot of stuffs with you, then sedan cars might be the perfect choice. The cars provided by Ridho Travel are;

  • Toyota Camry

  • Proton Preve

  • Honda Accord

  • Honda Civic

Car Rental Terminal Comfortable

  • Toyota Vios

  • Proton Persona

  • Proton Saga FLX


  • Multi – Purpose Vehicle

MPV or multi – purpose vehicle can load up a lot of people at the same time and it is the best choice for those who prefer bringing their big family along during your trip or vacation. You can also put a lot of things in the car as it is designed to be used for big families. The MPV cars provided by Ridho Travel are;

  • Perodua Alza

  • Toyota Vellfire

  • Toyota Estima

  • Honda CRV

  • Hyundai Starex

  • Nissan Grand Livina

  • Proton Exora

  • Toyota Innova

  • Continental Cars

Continental cars are the cars assembled in continental Europe. These are considered as luxurious cars as it has a spacious interior with an elegant design. It also has a strong built to ensure a safe journey. Continental cars provided by Ridho Travel are;

  • BMW 750Li

  • BMW 520i

  • Mercedes – Benz E250

  • BMW 320i

  • Van

To those who want to bring more than their families and still want to be able to experience a smooth and comfortable journey while on the road, then you can get your hands on a van. It can load up to 12 people and you do not have to worry about space as they are very spacious. The van provided by Ridho Travel is;

  • Toyota Hiace

  • 4 Wheel Drive Cars

4 Wheel – Drive cars are all about power to make sure you can take on various terrains. It is suitable for those who want to get their hands on a very powerful car and still be able to drive efficiently and comfortably. The 4WD car provided by Ridho Travel is;

  • Toyota Hilux

What Are The Things You Should Check Before Renting Any Cars?

It is unquestionable that we will always check the car’s conditions before making the decisions to rent it. However, what are the things that you should check to ensure your rented car is safe and comfortable enough for you to drive on the road? Plus, you need to check the car to make sure that the company won’t blame you for any damages and that is why you should check everything beforehand. These are some of the most important things that you should check before renting a car;

  • Check For Any Dents

Some cars rented by the companies might have dents in some parts so it is wise for you to check on the dents before taking the car for a ride. If you have returned the car and only realise about the dents after, the company could charge you for the dents that you didn’t do. So it is advised for you to check thoroughly from top to bottom before getting in the car.


  • Check For Any Leakage

One important thing you need to check before you go for a drive? Check the bottom part of a car to see whether it has any leakage or not. You wouldn’t want anything bad to happen while you are driving a rented car. If you see any oil leaking from the bottom of a car, it could mean either the fuel tank or engine/ brake oil tank leaking. Next, you should inform the car rental company about any leakage so they could take action and fix what needed to be fixed.

  • Check The Engine Conditions

Open the boot and check the inside please! You have to make sure that the engine system is working properly and everything is in good condition. You wouldn’t want to see anything damaged especially inside the boot because that is where the vital part of a car for it to move. Some of the things you need to check before renting includes;

  1. The radiator host
  2. The radiator tank
  3. Engine oil
  4. Brake oil
  5. Timing belt
  6. Battery

  • Check The Air Conditioning

Some of the people who rent a car might not check about the air conditioning and only realise it after they use the car. So, this is a bad step for the customers as it will make your journey becomes super uncomfortable and inconvenient. Therefore, be a wise consumer and always check the air conditioning before you rent the car. Plus, it is the most important thing to check as our country is warm all year long.

  • Check The Fuel And Mileage

During the first time of your rental with the company, they should provide you a car full of fuel. This is because you are expected to fill in the tank after you return the car. Therefore, you should check the fuel tank and make sure that it is full. Next, you should also check the mileage and take note of the miles used by the car or better yet, just take a picture of it. This is to ensure that the company won’t charge you with any other extra fees.

  • Take Care of The Car Carefully

Last but not least, you should return the car the same way you want to rent them! This is because the car rental company could charge you for any extra damage done by you! So, make sure that you take care of the car as if it is your own. You don’t really want to end up paying more and waste your money when you can use it for other purposes.

Next, you can even use some other services offered by this company so that you don’t have to complicate things whenever you are in this town. Here are some of the services offered by this car rental company;

  • Car Rental Services

If you would like to rent a new and affordable cars, this company is the best choice for you whenever you are in Alor Setar. If you want to get a smooth and easy procedure, just click here. You can choose from all of the vast choice of cars from compact, sedan, MPV to even luxury cars.

  • Chauffeur Services

Chauffeur services provided by Ridho Travel is guaranteed safe and comfortable. Their drivers are friendly and professional, and you will reach your destinations safely. Plus, they are very patient and will help you with anything you need. They also know their roads and routes well, so you can save a lot of time by having a personal driver in Alor Setar.

  • Tour Packages

You can also use their tour packages provided for all of their customers so that you can travel like a local whenever you take one of the tour packages!

So, basically that is what you should do whenever you want to rent a car. With Ridho Travel , you are guaranteed a new and well – maintained car with a very affordable price. So, you don’t have to worry if you are in Alor Setar and in need of a very good car rental company to serve you.

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